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About WOAJ

The World Open Access Journal (WOAJ) regroups independent Open Access Journals adhering to a common goal, of providing the widest dissemination of outstanding peer reviewed papers to the scientific community. For each journal, WOAJ provides a  state-of-art  online publishing system from manuscript submission, editing, peer review, copy editing and production process.


For researchers, there are 5 major reasons to have the manuscript published on any WOAJ supported journal:

1-A critical and constructive peer review process of the manuscript by experts in the field.

2-Immediate online access to reviewers' detailed reports.

3-Manuscripts are timely processed.

4- Widest dissemination of research findings on a free access system.

5-Ehanced tracking of manuscripts using mobile phone technology.



  (11 Journals currently.)  

Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology

 Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology is a cutting edge open access journal covering all areas of biotechnology research achievements in tissues and organs, cells, chromosome, protein, gene, enzyme, fermentation engineering levels of plants, animals, microbe and forestry, Marine kingdom. The journal publishes high impact peer-reviewed original articles, reviews, short communications and technical reports of a high scientific and ethical standard in both basic and applied biotechnology.

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New  Clues in Sciences

 New Clues in Sciences seeks to publish original articles from all areas of Science, Engineering and Agriculture, whose conclusions represent a substantial advance in understanding of an important problem, or findings whose importance means that it will be of interest to scientists and engineers in other fields. Selected papers should present broadly important data or concepts with a potential immediate and far-reaching implications.


Advances in Food and Energy Security

 Advances in Food and Energy Security aims to publish very high quality original contributions on new developments in food production, science and emerging technologies, as well as on energy production. It accepts innovative papers in the field of food chemistry, biochemistry, technology and nutrition and food processing technologies. In addition, the journal considers novel technologies in renewable energy such as wind, bioenergy and solar. Reviewers place a very high consideration on the practicability of reported technologies towards a global food and energy security.


Innovations in Science and Engineering

 Innovations in Science and Engineering publishes outstanding papers in all fields of Science and technology, provided that they make a very high contribution to knowledge in these fields. Papers may include novel technologies, new results obtained experimentally, descriptions of new experimental methods of scientific importance, or new interpretations of existing results. Novel theoretical contributions will be considered, although these papers must contain some experimental testing of the theory. All work presented should have as its aim the development of scientific concepts rather than the mere recording of facts.


World Journal of Fermentation Technology and Bioengineering

 World Journal of Fermentation Technology and Bioengineering draws together a wide readership and authorship of scientists and engineers from the many disciplines of the applied biosciences. The scope includes Microbial processes, Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology, Fermentation processes, Biotechnology, Enzyme Technology, Bioengineering, recombinant DNA Technology, Bioinformatics, bioprocess optimization, automation and control of bioprocesses. The journal addresses what is new, significant and practicable. Its blend of articles aims at producing one of the most highly impacting journal in the field.


Journal of Herbal Practice and Technology

 Journal of Herbal Practice and Technology publishes outstanding peer reviewed papers which evidence the efficacy and safety of herbs and derivatives for complementary and alternative medical systems and practices. The Journal places emphasis on the provision of quantitative data, with appropriate statistical analysis wherever possible.


World Journal of Software & Automation

 World Journal of Software & Automation disseminates cutting edge outstanding and innovative papers on software and automated systems. All manuscripts are critically peer-reviewed by experts in the related fields. The scope includes: adaptive, stochastic and optimal control, control and identification under uncertainty, robotics, automated systems (industrial, biological and medical), software engineering, algorithms, Human-Computer Interaction, AI and knowledge based software engineering, object-oriented technology, agent-based systems, middleware techniques, distribution and parallelism, databases, mobile and ubiquitous Computing, embedded and real-time software, Internet and information systems development.


Progress in Renewable Energies

 Progress in Renewable Energies Strictly publishes outstanding original works in all areas of renewable energies such as: Biomass as sources of energy, wastes as renewable sources of energy, biomass conversion, non-biological processes such as gasification, direct combustion hog-fuel, Pyrolysis, liquefaction etc; energy plantations, petroleum plants (petroplants), hydrocarbons from higher plants, algal hydrocarbons, ethanol fuel production, biodiesel, biogas and biohydrogen production, photobiological processes, bioenergies. Novel and significant contributions in wind and solar energy production are accepted.


Waste Management and Bioresource Technology

 Waste Management and Bioresource Technology publishes high standard research contributions in the areas of: Waste Management, Bioresource utilization, Biodegradation, Bioremediation, Enzyme Technology, Biogas Technology, Mushroom Technology, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Forest and Wood Technology. All manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed by a team of experts in the field.


Controversial Opinions in Science

 Controversial Opinions in Science provides a forum for expression of controversial opinions in all field of science, backed by thorough peer-reviewed process. "The history of science has repeatedly confirmed that with novel controversial scientific opinions, it is impossible to predict which will turn out to be revolutionary and which ridiculous. The safest approach is to seed all outstanding opinions in critical scientific minds, let all see the light, be experimented upon, vindicated or destroyed.". This journal places emphasis on scientific opinions that are highly controversial, and potential novel drive for science.


Advances in Biotechnology & Chemical processes

 Advances in Biotechnology & Chemical processes provides a world forum for the dissemination of research in chemical engineering and biotechnology. The Journal publishes significant research results which present recent technical progress in the field of chemical engineering and biotechnology. Submitted research papers must be of potential industrial significance. The journal aims to maintain a rapid editorial procedure and a rigorous peer-review system